Roger Berkeley: The Artful Roger

Roger Berkeley Stage 19
Roger Berkeley at a gig in Tivoli Backstage (now Stage 19) in Dublin in March 2017

Roger Berkeley is an anthemic piano-driven rock artist from Dublin, Ireland. Blending his classical influences with current pop/rock trends, his music is reminiscent of artists such as Coldplay and Muse, evoking the emotion of real-life experiences. He performs with a relaxed, charismatic style, and draws in the audience with his words – both spoken and sung.

After a busy few months releasing his debut single, Every Time (which has more than 176,000 hits on YouTube), and launching a record label, Providence Records, Roger went on a hiatus for personal development reasons.

In 2018, Roger is reforming his band and is back with a single goal: to be featuring in the national Top 40 charts by the end of the year. With a re-release of Every Time and a debut album (The Artful Roger) in the works, Roger is confident that there will be more than enough material out there to warrant a Top 40 hit this year.

Roger’s musical journey started properly when he stumbled across a video of Queen’s Live Aid performance. He was completely enthralled by Freddie Mercury’s onstage antics, from his interaction with the huge crowd to his sheer confidence. Already familiar with Queen’s musical masterpieces (Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody To Love, and others), and developing an interest in the alternative rock group, Muse, Roger decided to become a professional music artist. Years later, he is realising his dream. Roger has a single, Every Time, already released and a debut album to be released later this year.

I’m gonna climb up all the way to the top
And when I get there, I’m not gonna stop
The future depends on my every move
I’ve got my dreams and they are coming true!
Because I Can (lead track on The Artful Roger)

Primarily a classical pianist – a former UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholar – Roger also plays guitar and sings. His songs are generally written about personal experiences and interests. Laden with metaphors and symbolism, the songs usually feature an abstract take on events, fuelled by a range of powerful emotions.

As Roger has developed as an artist, he has brought his various strengths out to the fore and mixes them together, both onstage and in the studio. By combining a wide range of musical styles and injecting his playful character, Roger Berkeley has become The Artful Roger.

Having secured a sponsorship deal for the music video, Roger released his debut singl, Every Time, in October 2016. The video has received more than 176,000 hits on YouTube and attracted press coverage on three continents. Roger is looking to capitalise on this with his release of The Artful Roger and his bid for a Top 40 hit by the end of 2018.