“Barry Manilow, Bon Jovi and Chopin put in a blender”

Roger Berkeley Bowie Czech Inn

A sombre moment at For The Love of Bowie in the Czech Inn

Roger Berkeley is a Dublin-based artist spreading faith and love through his piano-driven rock music. Incorporating a range of styles, his music is a smorgasbord of genres at the right amount of hotness to produce delicious ear candy.

In early 2010, Roger stumbled across a video recording of Queen’s Live Aid performance from 1985 on YouTube.He was completely enthralled by Freddie Mercury’s onstage antics, from his interaction with the huge crowd to his sheer confidence. Already familiar with Queen’s musical masterpieces (‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Somebody To Love’ and others), and developing an interest in the alternative rock group, Muse, Roger’s ambition to become a professional musical artist was copper-fastened. Years later he is realising his dream.

Primarily a pianist – a UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholar and the most successful student in 2015’s DIT ABRSM exams (Distinction at Advanced Level 2) – Roger also plays guitar and sings. His songs are generally written about personal experiences and interests. Laden with metaphors and symbolism, the songs usually feature an abstract take on events, fuelled by a range of powerful emotions.

Starting in June 2015, Roger has been gigging around Dublin, Ireland both solo and with artists such as Sarah Buckley and Carrie Harding. He also set up a band of session musicians to bring his music to life in the studio and on the stage and is now performing regularly on the Dublin circuit. Recent venues include The Czech Inn, Fibber Magees, and Sin É, where he was a finalist in the Crystal Skull sessions.

Having secured a sponsorship deal for the music video, Roger will be releasing his debut single, Every Time, online and on radio on Thursday 13 October, with a launch event to follow in subsequent weeks.

Roger is also founding Ireland’s only record label exclusively backing Irish artists with a Christian message, Providence Records. More information will be available in the coming months.

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