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Welcome to RogerBerkeley.com!

Roger Berkeley
At the launch of Providence Records in Tivoli Backstage (Stage 19) in March

Hey, Roger here!

Are you a fan of anthemic piano-driven rock? Y’know, that awesome stuff that you can’t but sing along to. If so, you’re in the right place, because that’s the type of music in store here!

I’m coming back from a bit of a hiatus from music – had some stuff to do, some people to see, y’know, the usual. But it’s 2018 and it’s time to get back on the piano stool and give the world some more music to belt out with more passion than…a passionate thing. I’m reforming my session band and music will be churning out of the Artful Roger like never before.

Shortly before I went on hiatus early last year, I released my debut single, Every Time. This got more than 176,000 hits on YouTube and press coverage in three continents. Not bad for a first release! Now that I’m back, I’m finishing my debut album, The Artful Roger, which is currently half-recorded. I’ll be releasing the 12-track album when it’s finished and I will be charting in Ireland by the end of the year.

I used to upload regular YouTube videos of me performing at rehearsal with the band or alone. I look forward to reviving the channel in the coming months, but for now you can look at the back catalogue on the Videos page. Pay particular attention to the music video for Every Time.

Be sure to check out my Music on the site here, and if you would like to download some of it or buy some Roger Berkeley merchandise (coming soon!), that’s all available at the Store. All my upcoming shows will be posted on my Shows page (I know, mind-blowing! Who would have thought?), as well as the times and locations where I will be busking and playing Open Mic nights and such, so be sure to come down if you are around! (Rather than having to keep checking the site, though, you’d probably be better off joining my mailing list in the sidebar, because members are always the first to know about any gigs I have!)

Have fun browsing on the site, and please tell me about your experience (or anything at all really, I love a good ol’ conversation!) through the Contact page.


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