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Roger Berkeley
At the launch of Providence Records in Tivoli Backstage (Stage 19) in March

Welcome to RogerBerkeley.com!

Hey, Roger here!

I am a Dublin-based Alternative Rock artist spreading faith and love through music. Think Barry Manilow, Bon Jovi and Frédéric Chopin put in a blender: my music is a smorgasbord of genres, baked at the right amount of hotness to produce delicious ear candy. 🙂

Don’t believe me? You can sample five songs completely for free by signing up in the sidebar!

I recently recorded my very first commercial EP, Going For Gold, down in Red Lake Sound Studios in Portlaoise, Co Laois, and I’m planning on releasing it in September 2016. Members of my mailing list will of course be the first to hear any details of the launch!

I upload regular YouTube videos of me performing at rehearsal with the band. I welcome any song requests you may have, all it takes is a comment on a YouTube video or on the Videos page. Since I have to co-ordinate the busy schedules of my incredibly talented backing band, I can’t guarantee that we will record your request, but every effort will be made to deliver it to you. Of course, if you want to increase the chances, I’d advise joining the mailing list in the sidebar!

Be sure to check out my Music on the site here, and if you would like to download some of it or buy some Roger Berkeley merchandise (coming soon!), that’s all available at the Store.
All my upcoming shows will be posted on my Shows page (I know, mind-blowing! Who would have thought?), as well as the times and locations where I will be busking and playing Open Mic nights and such, so be sure to come down if you are around! (Rather than having to keep checking the site, though, you’d probably be better off joining my mailing list in the sidebar, because members are always the first to know about any gigs I have!)

Have fun browsing on the site, and please tell me about your experience (or anything at all really, I love a good ol’ conversation!) through the Contact page.


Shoot! I nearly forgot to mention the mailing list didn’t I? Sign up for your Five Free Songs in the sidebar!



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